Our Mission

New Mexico Community Capital, founded in 2004, is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization and Native CDFI with a mission of working to change the status quo in Native-owned business by providing tools for success to emerging Native American companies. Our approach to technical assistance centers around mentorship and peer learning. Historically, New Mexico Community Capital’s Native business development programs have demonstrated a 50% job creation increase over a 3-year period. We are not aware of another Native-focused business accelerator in the nation that has generated comparable economic impacts.

Our 10-year goal is to be the national gold standard in our field, moving from a single flagship program to ultimately offering a continuum of programs serving Native-owned businesses. We intend to create quality offerings for sole proprietors, for mid-size entrepreneurial endeavors, and for large tribal enterprises in New Mexico and beyond. New Mexico Community Capital is already on this path. In 4.5 years, we’ve expanded the NEIR program from a local effort to serving people from 20 tribes in 5 states. In 2018, we also launched a new education initiative, Financial and Business Basics, in New Mexico, with a plan to take the program to the Midwest in 2020.

Organizational History and Purpose

New Mexico Community Capital is an award-winning organization dedicated to providing knowledge and capital to help high-potential, high-growth and NM-based businesses.

Incorporated as a 501(c)3 organization in 2004, NMCC currently manages the NMCC Fund I, a fund that is set to close at the end of this year. The NMCC Fund l operates as a “Double Bottom Line” venture capital fund.  Our strategy is to invest in New Mexico companies that can deliver market-rate returns while creating social and economic improvement in the regions in which they operate. We accomplished this via this fund by investing in businesses with growth potential and by providing a level of operational expertise to help them create additional value. NMCC adheres to a strict investment discipline honed over 75 years of collective experience while at the same time leveraging public, private and not-for-profit resources to the benefit of community and economic growth.

NMCC targeted investments focused on basic human needs: water, energy, food/agriculture, and health – all areas where the investment team has deep experience and markets in which New Mexico holds a competitive leadership position.

NMCC, through its non-profit parent, also provides capacity-building services that are distinct from our investment activities. NMCC delivers an array of expertise ranging from finance to marketing and product development. We focus on helping businesses develop a clear vision and growth plan. We then help them translate this vision into specific, measurable and realistic action steps.

The advantages offered by NMCC’s unique organizational structure, allow us to develop partnerships that we believe will nurture future economies.  This has spurred formal engagement with Native American tribes because they offer enormous opportunity and leadership for this vision. NMCC’s NEIR (Native Entrepreneur in Residence) program was started in 2014 to implement this vision.

Thanks to the support of many partners, since inception, NMCC has:

  • invested over $8 million in New Mexico companies who have hired or retained 261 employees;
  • brought specialized business expertise and education to over 500 small businesses;
  • provided more than 600 well-paying jobs for residents of lower income areas, primarily lower wage workers who through our efforts are earning a higher wage and are more likely to have access to health care than their counterparts at similar companies; and,
  • provided business and management education to more than 1,000 high-potential entrepreneurs to improve their ability to attract financing needed for accelerated and long-term growth.

NMCC employs a team of service-oriented, highly qualified professionals whose work is complemented by a cadre of high-level business consultants.  A seven-member national Board of Directors oversees the organization.

Our Team


Board of Directors