Tribal Economic Diversification | Growing Tribal Businesses from Vision to Sustainable Reality

Many tribes are facing the challenges of economic diversification as one of the several means to address high tribal unemployment rates. We can help you meet the big challenges.


New Mexico Community Capital (NMCC) stands ready to assist you in addressing these issues with our “Growing Tribal Businesses” program. We can help with:

  1. formulating a vision of what to do when a key revenue stream leaves,
  2. building a plan for economic diversification from the ground up, or
  3. training tribal members in management skills to move from vision to sustainable reality.

Here are some of the critical tools that we offer:

  • needs assessment
  • market analysis
  • feasibility studies
  • business plans
  • financial models
  • workforce development
  • management mentorship


NMCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are staffed by experienced business professionals and entrepreneurs. We come to you as an independent, objective, third party group of advisors, and our only agenda is to assist you in meeting your challenges or opportunities. We provide practical, action-based solutions and offer reasonable fees that are in line with the scope of work we develop together with you. Our team is staffed in accordance with our mission to be an organization “by, for, and about Native Americans.” We understand Native culture and adapt our services to meet the needs of your particular tribal traditions and values.

With our Growing Tribal Businesses initiative, we’re ready to collaborate with you and provide services in the areas of feasibility studies, business plans, financial models, and workforce development. We work with the utmost discretion and want to help you in areas that may be highly sensitive, demand confidentiality, and require real results.


If you are facing the serious challenge of economic diversification, new business entry, management development, or any of the other business situations unique to tribal economic growth, please call for a consultation, free of charge. Together let’s explore ways in which we may add value to the work you are doing. To inquire, please call or email:

Elizabeth Gamboa, Managing Director, 505-924-2820,

Peter Holter, Senior Management Advisor, 505-924-2820,