Tips on Building an Email Contact List

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Email is a part of our lives — a very big part. And, if you run a business, email marketing can play a vital role in your success. In fact, 59% of consumers say email marketing influences their decision to purchase. These tips from the GoDaddy Beginners Email Marketing Guide offer lots of valuable suggestions. 

It starts with building a contact list.

8 tips for building a contact list

No email marketing guide would be complete with some recommendations for building a contact (aka subscriber) list.

  1. Write a strong call-to-action on or near your signup form. Tell people exactly why they should subscribe. Perhaps they’ll enjoy special offers, exclusive content or a quote of the day. What’s in it for them?
  2. Create a relevant online quiz. With a quiz-hosting platform, you can trade quiz results for the quiz taker’s email address. And who knows — it might just go viral!
  3. Host a virtual conference. Interview leaders in your industry and market the series of recorded interviews as a virtual conference. Ask “attendees” to subscribe to your email list to gain access to the content.
  4. Share your signup form in your content. Yep — right in the middle of a blog post! When you make a particularly strong point, follow it up with a newsletter plug: “To receive more ideas like this in your inbox, subscribe to my email list.” Include a link to your signup form.
  5. Offer to give new subscribers something special on their birthday. Whether it’s a coupon, a freebie, or a social media shoutout, most people like it when other people — and brands — acknowledge their big day.
  6. Create a free email-based course. Cull your best content and organize it into a series of autoresponders. Create a special signup form for the course and spread the word.
  7. Host a contest on social media. Offer a drool-worthy prize and tell folks they can secure an entry by subscribing to your fabulous newsletter.
  8. Offer a new-subscriber discount. Let folks know that as soon as they subscribe, they’ll receive a one-time promo code or print-ready coupon. Set up an autoresponder to deliver your discount.

For more tips, check the link to the Guide for a complete picture on how to make your email marketing effective.

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