Who We Serve

What businesses may apply?

The NEIR program is designed specifically for Native American entrepreneurs throughout the United States. The program is designed along 3 tracks for businesses in different stages:

  1. Pre-venture – “dream” stage
  2. Early stage and start up
  3. Established businesses in a growth stage

Candidates with businesses in any of these 3 stages are encouraged to apply.

NEIR has experienced mentors who have worked in a wide variety of business segments and categories, so we are able to tailor learning to meet your needs, whether it is high-tech; online or brick & mortar retail; healthcare; agriculture/environmental; education; the arts; tourism.

While industry knowledge is important, the skills unique to successful entrepreneurship are critical. That is what NEIR provides.

Who is eligible?

Candidates for the program must meet these following criteria:

  1. Must be a U.S. Citizen and a recognized member of a federally recognized Native American Tribe.
  2. The proposed venture must have the potential to develop into a viable business capable of creating jobs.
  3. The entrepreneur must be a dedicated, self-motivated individual. Prospective NEIR’s will be required to submit their business idea, along with reasons why they want to pursue the opportunity, and key milestones in developing their plan and moving the business forward.
  4. The resources NEIR provides must be able to catalyze the success of the business.