Financial Literacy/Business Basics

In late 2017, NMCC was awarded a multi year grant from W.K. Kellogg Foundation for $1.2 million to assist Native American families in developing better budgeting tools; address issues of debt; and learn to apply these principles in small locally owned businesses. Work will begin in Central and Northern New Mexico and grow to include mid-western U.S. tribal communities. Multiple studies have indicated that 3 top barriers to financial sustainability in Native American communities are: Lack of Business related financial literacy; Lack of basic business education in the general community; and lack of entrepreneurial skills and experience. Our market experience in the NEIR Program, coupled with these studies, led to this grant which will bring these tools to a younger audience, closer to home, in pueblos and reservations.

Native Women’s Business Summit

60% of NEIR graduates are women, from many different communities. A number of these women have organized to produce a series of events and development of an organization specifically geared to the needs of current and future Native Women Business Owners. NMCC is proud to be a partner and sponsor in supporting this important effort.

Custom Programming and Consulting

NMCC has been approached by a variety of pueblos and tribes, locally, regionally, and nationally to provide custom designed capacity building programs tailored to the specific needs of a given community.

Community of Practice

Under development in 2018, is the inception of a Community of Practice – an eco-system of Native American small business owners and entrepreneurs, with the purpose of providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, information and on-going support.


NMCC continues to offer rate-competitive micro-loans to emerging Native American owned businesses ranging in loan amounts from $5,000 – $20,000.